• Convenes the capabilities of the Current Research Consortium, a global center of excellence in water research and technology development comprised of world-class universities and utilities

    • Delivers advanced fundamental science and practical, outcome-based applied research
    • Aligns member research capabilities with market-driven opportunities

    • Pursues new research funding opportunities and cross-institutional/international partnerships



    The Current Research Consortium features broad capabilities across myriad disciplines. Current Research directs these capabilities to address critical regional, national and global questions in water, wastewater, and storm water.






    • Anaerobic digestion
    • Microbiome
    • Purification



    • Design, synthesis, and integration for water-energy technologies
    • Membranes and Sorbents


    • Sensor and imaging - design and deployment
    • Food – energy –water systems
    • Nutrient recovery and management


    • High-performance computing – molecular to infrastructure
    • Systems analysis, optimization, and risk assessment
    • Urban sustainability and resilience – water reuse, stormwater, green infrastructure
    • Economics and life-cycle assessment
    • Energy-water nexus planning, including policy, economic, and societal impacts




    Dr. Seth Darling

    Director of the Institute for Molecular Engineering at Argonne

    Dr. Jeffrey Elam

    Senior Chemist

    Dr. Supratik Guha

    Director, Nanoscience and Technology Division

    Dr. Aeraj Haque

    Business Development Specialist for Chain Reaction Innovations and Nano Design Works

    Dr. John Hummel

    Lead for Integrated Resiliency Analyses in the Risk and Infrastructure Sciences Center

    Dr. Michael Kaminski

    Leader of Nuclear Decontamination and Separations

    Vladimir Koritarov

    Deputy Director,

    Center for Energy, Environmental, and Economic Systems Analysis

    Dr. Kirk LaGory

    Department Head, Water and Aquatic Resources

    Dr. Yupo Lin

    Group Leader, Chemical and Biological Technologies

    Dr. Di-Jai Liu

    Senior Chemist

    Dr. David McCallum

    Business Capture Manager

    Dr. Shruti Mishra


    M. Cristina Negri

    Environmental Science Division Director

    Dr. John Quinn

    Principal Hydrogeology Specialist

    Dr. Dileep Singh

    Materials Scientist

    - Energy Systems

    Dr. Matt Tirrell

    Deputy Laboratory Director for Science, Chief Research Officer, and Manager of the Laboratory-Directed Research and Development program

    Dr. Cheng Wang

    Assistant Environmental Systems Engineer


    Dr. May Wu

    Principal Environmental System Analyst

    Dr. Eugene Yan

    Earth Scientist

    Dr. Zhi Zhou

    Computational Scientist


    Dr. Dominic Brose

    Environmental Soil Scientist

    Dr. Albert Cox

    Managing Scientist

    Dr. Joseph Kozak

    Supervising Environmental Research Scientist

    Dr. Kuldip Kumar

    Senior Environmental Soil Scientist

    Tom Minarik Jr.

    Aquatic Biologist

    Dr. Olawale Oladeji

    Environmental Soil Scientist

    Ed Podczerwinski

    Acting Director, Monitoring & Research

    Dr. Cindy Qin

    Environmental Research Scientist

    Dr. Geeta Rigal

    Section Head of the Analytical Microbiology and Biomonitoring Section

    Dr. Guanglong Tian

    Supervising Environmental Soil Scientist

    Jennifer Wasik

    Supervising Aquatic Biologist

    Fenghua Yang

    Senior Environmental Research Scientist

    Dr. Heng Zhang

    Assistant Director of Monitoring and Research


    Dr. William Dichtel

    Professor of Chemistry

    Dr. Kimberly Gray

    Chair of Civil & Environmental Engineering

    Dr. Erica Hartmann

    Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Dr. Derk Joester

    Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

    Dr. Harold Kung

    Walter P. Murphy Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

    Richard Lueptow, Sc.D.
    Professor and Senior Associate Dean

    Dr. Aaron Packman

    Director, Center for Water Research

    Dr. Kyoo Chul Park

    Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

    Dr. Neelesh Patankar

    Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Dr. George Wells

    Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Dr. Fruma Yehiely

    Associate Vice President for Research

    Dr. Sera Young

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology


    Dr. Dorian Abbot

    Associate Professor of Geophysical Sciences

    Dr. David Archer

    Professor of Geophysical Sciences

    Dr. Juan de Pablo

    Liew Family Professor in Molecular Engineering

    Dr. Giulia Galli

    Liew Family Professor in Molecular Engineering

    Dr. Jack Gilbert

    Faculty Director, The Microbiome Center

    Dr. Malte Jansen

    Assistant Professor of Geophysical Sciences

    Dr. Douglas MacAyeal

    Professor of Geophysical Sciences

    Dr. Elisabeth Moyer

    Associate Professor of Geophysical Sciences

    Dr. Noboru Nakamura

    Professor of Geophysical Sciences

    Dr. Paul Nealey

    Brady W. Dougan Professor in Molecular Engineering

    Dr. Shrayesh Patel

    Professor of Molecular Engineering

    Dr. Eduardo Perozo

    Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    Dr. Leslie Rogers

    Assistant Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics

    Dr. Benoit Roux

    Amgen Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Professor of Chemistry

    Dr. Stuart Rowan

    Professor of Molecular Engineering

    Dr. Tiffany Shaw

    Associate Professor of Geophysical Sciences

    Dr. Steven Sibener

    Carl William Eisendrath Distinguished Service Professor of Chemistry


    Dr. Mary Silber

    Professor of Statistics

    Dr. James Skinner

    Crown Family Professor of Molecular Engineering

    Dr. Andrei Tokmakoff

    Professor of Chemistry

    Dr. Greg Voth

    Haig P. Papazian Distinguished Service Professor of Chemistry

    Dr. Reika Yokochi

    Research Scientist, Department of Geophyiscal Sciences


    Dr. Said Al-Hallaj

    Visiting Research Associate Professor

    Dr. Sushant Anand

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Max Berkelhammer

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Brian Chaplin

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Sybil Derrible

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Samuel Dorevitch

    Research Associate Professor, Institute for Environmental Science and Policy

    Dr. Mitra Dutta

    Vice Chancellor for Research

    Dr. Joy Hammel

    Professor and Endowed Chair

    Rachel Havrelock

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Sangil Kim

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Cynthia Klein-Banai

    Associate Chancellor for Sustainability

    Dr. Elizabeth Kócs

    Director of Programming, Outreach, Research and Education at the UIC Energy Initiative

    Dr. Sudip Mazumder

    Director of Laboratory for Energy and Switching-Electronics Systems

    Dr. Kathryn Nagy

    Professor and Head of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

    Dr. Rachel Poretsky

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Krishna Reddy

    Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

    Dr. Mark Schlossman


    Dr. Reza Shahbazian-Yassar

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Meenesh Singh

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Thomas Theis

    Director, Institute for Environmental Science and Policy

    Dr. Moira Zellner

    Associate Professor


    Dr. Ximing Cai


    Dr. Roland Cusick

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Evan DeLucia


    Dr. Ben Gramig

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Jeremy Guest

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Madhu Khanna


    Dr. Benito Marinas

    Director, Safe Global Water Institute

    Dr. Sally McConkey

    Head, Coordinated Hazard Assessment and Mapping Program

    Dr. Gregory McIsaac

    Professor Emeritus

    Dr. Emerson Nafziger


    Dr. Kevin O'Brien

    Director, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

    Brian Pianfetti

    Managing Director, Safe Global Water Institute

    Dr. Kishore Rajagopalan

    Associate Director, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

    Dr. Ashlynn Stillwell

    Assistant Professor


    Regional Nutrient Network

    Intensifying agricultural production and centralized wastewater management has increased nutrient releases to waterways. Nutrients in the environment can have negative consequences such as hazardous algal blooms (HABs), as experienced regularly in Lake Erie or the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Current is developing a structured research program to mobilize stakeholders and leverage new seed funding for innovative research and pilot projects that can deliver regional solutions to nutrient pollution.

    Chicago teams, coordinated by Current, participated in AquaHacking, an annual multi-disciplinary hackathon to collaboratively generate science-based technology solutions to conserve the Great Lakes. This year’s competition aimed to reduce threats to Lake Erie from urban areas, agriculture and industry. Chicago’s teams worked to combat toxic algae, a major threat to the lake’s ecosystem, and engage citizens in monitoring water quality.