At Current we’re bridging gaps in water tech commercialization to reduce the risk, cost and time-to-market for the water innovations that communities, utilities and industries need.

    Whether you develop, use, or invest in water tech solutions, becoming a member of Current will help you create value, improve performance and deliver results.


    Utility / Industry / Corporate

    You need cost-effective, validated and de-risked technology solutions for compliance and optimized performance.

    Technology Innovators

    You develop water tech and are seeking new markets, validation opportunities, and/or investment capital.

    Professional Services

    Your firm is interested in new clean tech-related marketing and business development opportunities.


    You acquire or invest in water tech and are looking for validated and de-risked solutions, as well as access to cutting edge research and next gen tech innovation.

    Research Institutions

    Your university or research institution is seeking new collaboration, funding or tech transfer opportunities and wants to be part of the Current Research Consortium, a growing center of excellence in water-related research.

    Nonprofits / Associations / Government

    You are interested in partnering with Current to inform policy, broaden your reach and maximize your impact.


    Current offers a range of membership programs and services to meet your needs.

    Develop new customers/partners through Current’s Networks

    Find innovative solutions in Current’s Tech Reservoir database

    Scout promising technologies validated through Current’s Demonstration Program

    Pilot new innovations as part of Current’s Testbed Network

    Stay up-to-date on cutting edge research through the Current Research Consortium

    Leverage branding opportunities through marketing channels and events

    Demonstrate sustainability and environmental leadership

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