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  • Current is a nonprofit water innovation hub dedicated to convening stakeholders, facilitating collaborations and driving innovation in the blue economy. Founded in Chicago in 2016, we bring together utilities, corporations, research institutions, and advocates to develop solutions to the world’s most pressing water challenges too risky or impossible for any one group to undertake alone.


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  • Testimonial

    "The biggest value that Current brings to the table is that it’s an effective convener of stakeholders in the water space. Water is a big and complex sector from applied research to industry to municipal organizations and other non-governmental organizations. Current provides a central point at which all those stakeholders can come together."


    - Dr. Seth Darling, Director, Argonne National Laboratory


    "Greeley and Hansen is the only global provider of comprehensive engineering services in the water sector headquartered in Chicago, a city known globally as a great ‘water city.’ Our mission is strongly aligned with Current’s efforts to advance innovation and research in the water industry. As a founding member of Current, Greeley and Hansen is committed to working with Current’s community of innovators, researchers, investors and end-user to accelerate the solutions our industry needs, from enhancing water treatment to creating ‘smart’ distribution and collection systems, and beyond."


    - Andy Richardson, Chairman & CEO, Greeley and Hansen


    "As a 100-year old family-owned company, we at W.S. Darley see great opportunity as a member of Current to collaborate with other water sector experts, create beneficial partnerships and develop new solutions as part of our commitment to a sustainable future. That’s why Darley is pleased to support Current’s second annual World Water Day Symposium! Darley offers a diverse line of quality equipment, pumps and firefighting apparatus that serve military, municipal, first-responder and humanitarian markets. Other innovative solutions include water purification and sprinkler systems, fire hydrant pressure boosters, water storage, and our bag-in-box water."


    - Paul Darley, President & CEO, W.S Darley


    "(Current) invited us to present at an innovation event. Through that, we met a number of potential customers, as well as two new investors that helped us close a $2 million series seed during a pandemic... Current has been astonishing."


    - Erin Rothman, CEO & Co-Founder, StormSensor


    "Current has been invaluable in enabling SigaOT to secure pilot opportunities to demonstrate our innovative cyber and operational intelligence technology in a real-world setting. The Current team was with us every step of the way, helping us navigate the entire process of working with their utility members. Together, we partnered to ensure that our technology met the operational needs of its utility members, while providing SigaOT with an unparalleled platform to showcase how our breakthrough technology generates actionable insights."


    - Amir Samoiloff, CEO, Siga-OT Solutions (Israel)


    "Current is investing in a segment of Chicago’s innovation ecosystem that highlights the city’s strength as a global city for water innovation. Chicago uniquely has the right assets and partners in this space that require long-term investment and awareness."


    - Abin Kuriakose, Director, ChicagoNEXT, World Business Chicago


    "I see Current’s role as helping to connect research institutions, who are developing innovative new ideas that are typically not fully demonstrated yet, with companies who are turning those concepts and technologies into real practical solutions, and then connecting the solutions with people who need them. Current’s workshop event on PFAS is a really good example."


    - Dr. Aaron Packman, Professor and Director, Northwestern Center for Water Research


    "We consider our partnership with Current a strategic alliance. It has already yielded a successful installation in the Chicago River. We are very fortunate to be a member of a unique team that installed a state-of-the art, end-to-end real-time water quality monitoring platform that provides insights, detects anomalies and is designed to serve the public visiting the Chicago River."


    - Natan Zuta, CEO, IOSight

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