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2018 Summer Reading List

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All recently published, these books cover a wide range of topics ranging from rivers and groundwater depletion to water technology and business innovation. Whether you’re new to the water innovation space or an industry veteran, this list features something for all readers interested in expanding their knowledge about water issues and innovation.

Water Stewardship and Business Value: Creating Abundance from Scarcity

By: Will Sarni and David Grant

Until recently, the linkage between full business value and water stewardship was missing from the corporate agenda. The tangible value of increased water efficiency, reuse and recycling and improved social license to operate are moving more companies to adopt water stewardship strategies. In Water Stewardship and Business Value, Sarni and Grant establish the linkages and value of an integrated water and business strategy and an approach for companies to follow. The book offers case studies and frame an expanded strategy for water stewardship and business value creation that benefits a range of stakeholders including consumers, customers, investors and employees.

Replenish: The Virtuous Cycle of Water and Prosperity

By: Sandra Postel

Controlling water is costly. Every year, recovery from droughts and floods costs billions of dollars, and we spend billions more on dams, diversions, and levees. Amidst changing weather patterns that disrupt the models on which our infrastructure is based, we will need to adapt. In Replenish, Sandra Postel argues that the solution lies not in further control of the water cycle, but in repair and replenishment. Highlighting innovative water projects throughout the world that employ nature’s rhythms to manage water, Postel argues that prosperity and sustainability alike come through working with—rather than against—our most valuable resource.

High and Dry: Meeting the Challenges of the World’s Growing Dependence on Groundwater

By: William M. Alley & Rosemarie Alley

Groundwater is the primary source of drinking water for almost half of the world. However, a growing global population, widespread use of industrial chemicals, and climate change threaten this supply. Groundwater depletion and contamination has spread from isolated areas to many countries throughout the world. In High and Dry, William and Rosemarie Alley use case studies from around the world to examine groundwater from key scientific and socioeconomic perspectives. And as they sound the call to protect groundwater, the authors share stories of people who are making a difference in protecting this critical resource.

The Source: How Rivers Made America and America Remade Its Rivers

By: Martin Doyle

The United States has more than 250,000 rivers that span over more than 3 million miles. The Source tells the story of how these rivers have shaped American society, politics, and economics―and how vital they are to the nation’s future. Author Martin Doyle traces this history from the U.S. Constitution’s roots in interstate river navigation, to the construction of the Hoover Dam, and to the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. Along the way, The Source explores how rivers have often been the basis of arguments central to American history―over federalism, sovereignty and property rights, taxation, regulation, conservation, and development.

Water Is ...: The Indispensability of Water in Society and Life

By: Seth B. Darling & Seth W. Snyder

In Water Is…, authors Seth Darling and Seth Snyder provide a holistic take on water, capturing the full extent of the science, history, policy, and technology behind the most important substance on earth before providing an outlook for the future. They take readers through the many diverse perspectives on water, covering topics from water’s molecular chemistry to its fundamental role in the history of human civilization. Water Is… then shifts focus to innovation and technology, as the authors present both the daunting water challenges facing the world, and the exciting opportunities to achieve a secure global water future.

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