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Imagine a Day Without Water

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Today is Imagine a Day Without Water, an annual day dedicated to raising awareness of the value of water.

To understand the true value of water, it is important to remember that water is essential for almost every industry. In fact, a single day without water would put $43.5 billion in economic activity at risk and would make it impossible for doctors, firefighters, and farmers to serve our communities. Investment in our water infrastructure through water system improvements and adoption of new technologies is imperative for a healthy economy. Closing our nation’s water infrastructure gap would generate over $220 billion in total annual economic activity, create and sustain over a million jobs, and guarantee our public health and environmental safety.

At Current, we work to deliver advanced research and market-driven innovations to enhance water resources, build resilience and drive sustainable economic growth by bridging gaps in water technology commercialization. Current sources, de-risks, and scales innovative water tech, financing and business model solutions. By independently assessing new innovations, Current reduces the risk of deploying and investing in water technologies for utilities, industries and investors while speeding time-to-market for innovators seeking market acceptance, new customers and investment.

Part of understanding the true value of water involves utilizing technology and data to better understand water quality in our rivers, lakes and streams. Current’s newly launched project to monitor river quality to promote public health and sustainable development will help inform the public of water quality in the Chicago River system to enable educated decisions about when to interact with the river. With the help of partners Friends of the Chicago River, North River Commission, and South Loop Chamber of Commerce and funding from the Chicago Community Trust, this project will use real-time data sharing and related community outreach efforts to bolster public engagement with the river through improved understanding of water quality. Such engagement can foster sustainable development by promoting business and recreational activities that rely on access to and use of the waterway.

No matter what the cause, a day without water is a public health, economic and environmental crisis. That’s why Current is joining with hundreds of groups across the country for Imagine a Day Without Water to raise awareness about the value of water. By de-risking innovative water technology and helping innovators gain market traction, Current is working to build a more resilient water economy.

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