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W.S. Darley & Company

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Since 1908, W.S. Darley & Company has been devoted to serving the world’s first responders and the U.S. military. The company is dedicated to excellence and offers a diverse line of quality equipment, pumps, and apparatus through progressive design, manufacturing, and worldwide distribution. Throughout the years Darley has maintained a rock-solid reputation for building quality products and creating positive relationships within the industries that the company serves.

Ten years ago, Darley began developing a new line of “water solutions” with the goal of serving military, municipal government, first responder, and humanitarian markets. The company’s solutions include industrial sprinkler systems, fire hydrant pressure boosters, water purification systems (small or large scale), water storage units, and bag in box water. Developing the line of solutions has not been an easy task but, over the last year the company has had some success. Darley sold bag in box water to the U.S military that was successfully dropped from C-130 aircraft, installed large scale water purification systems in places such as Nepal, Tanzania, and China, and fulfilled contracts with FEMA for industrial water sprinklers. Darley is excited about what they have accomplished but are also looking forward to the many new challenges ahead.

Being a 110-year-old company, Darley is eager to develop new products and services to keep up with changing customer needs. With a strong drive to innovate, Darley sees great opportunity as a member of Current to collaborate with other members, create mutually beneficial partnerships and develop new solutions as part of its commitment to a sustainable future.

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