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Say Hello to the Pizzo Group, Where

Water Management Comes Naturally

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This once flooded basin was naturalized by The Pizzo Group. In addition to water management and dynamic beauty, the restored landscape has drawn countless wildlife, including the State of Illinois threatened species, the Black Crowned Night Heron.

Recently, Current welcomed The Pizzo Group to our growing community of forward thinking members and partners leading the way in innovative water solutions. As a family of companies operating synergistically to design, build, grow and restore ecosystems, The Pizzo Group has been a leader in sustainability for over 30 years. Long before it was a popular notion, president and founder, Jack Pizzo, was driven by both the purpose and practicality of sustainable landscaping solutions.

“Certainly, sustainable practices have always been the right thing to do for the environment, but it’s also common sense,” Pizzo says. “Mother Nature has highly effective, naturally occurring solutions to managing water.”

From corporate campuses and city parks to local businesses and private properties, The Pizzo Group implements ecosystem restoration solutions that bring with them water management solutions that have positive effects on the environment and surrounding communities.

Take, for example, storm water. When too much water falls, it can flow into yards, block streets, flood homes and disrupt businesses. All of which can be avoided with a combination of water technology and intelligent ecology.

One of the simplest ways to manage storm water is to do so on the spot, where the rain falls. By utilizing advanced water research and technology, data can be collected to monitor both the volume and the water quality. This data mapping, Pizzo explains, shows where storm water flows over the course of time. With that knowledge, solutions such as rain gardens and retention ponds can be strategically placed and implemented to reduce the amount of water that goes back into shared water systems, such as sewers.

When native plants and grasses soak up overflow water, it mitigates flooding risk for homes and buildings, but the benefits drill down deeper than that. Native trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses require less maintenance, which can save stakeholders money in the long run. Additionally, the more water you keep in the ecosystem and out of the sewer system, the better the chances are for municipalities to meet water standard compliance requirements.

And the list goes on. In our modern world, businesses that employ sustainable practices, such as those offered by The Pizzo Group, are at an advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent, as well as maintaining loyal consumers.

In addition to tapping into relevant technology and research, Pizzo is excited to be a part of Current’s community, where water conversations are being taken to the next level. “What Current has created is the human equivalent of an ecosystem,” he explains. “Just as every plant and every square foot matters in sustainable landscapes, every industry and every point of view matters when it comes to today’s water issues.” Through Current, Pizzo is now connected to industries, brands, municipalities, utilities, innovators and investors that have all come together to focus on water solutions.

Having been at the forefront of sustainability for more than three decades, Pizzo educates stakeholders such as corporations, homeowners associations, private landowners and industry trade shows on becoming more sustainable. He has written a book entitled: Green and Natural Spaces in Your Community, which provides valuable information on the importance of these spaces and how they need to be managed.

The Pizzo Group has received more than 140 industry awards from professional associations, such as Illinois Landscape Contractors Association, The Conservation Foundation, the USEPA & Chicago Wilderness, and the American Society of Landscape Architects. We’re thrilled to welcome such a forward-thinking company to the Current community.

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