• Current Research

    Amplifies Water Research

    • Convenes the capabilities of the Current Research Consortium, a global center of excellence in water research and technology development comprised of world-class universities and utilities

    • Delivers advanced fundamental science and practical, outcome-based applied research
    • Aligns member research capabilities with market-driven opportunities

    • Pursues new research funding opportunities and cross-institutional/international partnerships



    The Current Research Consortium features broad capabilities across myriad disciplines. Current Research directs these capabilities to address critical regional, national and global questions in water, wastewater, and storm water.


    To find researchers working in your area or applications of interest, to see the latest and recurring funding opportunities in water, to get information on the water-related regional events, and to view government and industry resources on the critical water-related issues, visit the Current Research platform here.

  • Current Research Consortium Member Institutions

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    City of Chicago Department of Water Management logo
    Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago logo
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  • Scientific Leadership Committee

    Head shot of Brian Chaplin

    Dr. Brian Chaplin

    University of Illinois at Chicago

    Head shot of Marcelo Garcia

    Dr. Marcelo Garcia

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champain

    Head shot of Aaron Packman

    Dr. Aaron Packman


    Head shot of May Wu

    Dr. May Wu

    Argonne National Laboratory

    Head shot of Heng Zhang

    Dr. Heng Zhang

    Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

    Head shot of Heng Zhang

    Dr. Andrea R. Holthouse Cheng

    City of Chicago Department of Water Management

  • Research Capabilities

    Biology And Chemistry


    • Anaerobic digestion
    • Microbiome
    • Purification



    • Design, synthesis, and integration for water-energy technologies
    • Membranes and Sorbents


    • Sensor and imaging - design and deployment
    • Food – energy –water systems
    • Nutrient recovery and management


    • High-performance computing – molecular to infrastructure
    • Systems analysis, optimization, and risk assessment
    • Urban sustainability and resilience – water reuse, stormwater, green infrastructure
    • Economics and life-cycle assessment
    • Energy-water nexus planning, including policy, economic, and societal impacts

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