• Partners

    Current partners with organizations and businesses committed to advanced innovative water research and technology.
    If you are an innovator, researcher, utility, industrial water user, solution provider or investor, Current is your innovation partner for water technology solutions.

  • Corporate Partners

    Corporate partners work with Current to provide market insights and commercialization opportunities.

  • Research Consortium Members

    The Current Research Consortium is a global center of excellence in water research and technology development that includes Chicago’s world-class research institutions and utilities.

  • Water Utilities

    Water and wastewater utilities provide guidance on technology needs and partner with Current through collaborative research, technology validation and pilot testing, serving as the foundation of Current’s test-bed site network.

  • International Partners

    Innovative international organizations partner with Current to drive advanced research and technology innovation.

  • Non-Profit Partners

    Current's non-profit partners connect Current to policymakers, industry leaders, end-user and other networks.

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