• Solve Pressing Water Challenges

    The world’s pressing water challenges — from agriculture run-off to lead in drinking water — won’t be solved by any one government, scientist or company. And, unfortunately, people are not rallying fast enough behind new technologies and ideas that will protect our health and environment.

  • Current is committed to make practical and visionary ideas happen to ensure that we have healthy water for our homes – and less floodwater in our basements. In our home in the Great Lakes, we’ve seen firsthand some of the challenges facing our water supply: pollution from microplastics, lead, and other contaminants in our drinking water, agricultural runoff that is one of the largest sources of ‘dead zones’ in the Gulf of Mexico, algae blooms so abundant that they suffocate marine life, and climate shifts that bring increasingly damaging rains, which wash away beaches, cause erosion, flood homes, and allow more polluted water to reach our sources of drinking water.

  • Current is an unbiased advocate for the best water solutions and policies. We stay on top of the latest in water technology, knowing that the field is rapidly changing, independently test new technologies and ideas, and share information on solutions with our partners. We provide an independent voice, a market-driven focus, deep technical capabilities, world-class institutional and infrastructure partners, and experienced leadership to develop and test new solutions that ensure equitable and sustainable access to clean water.

  • We also know that the barriers to innovation and advancement in water are not purely technological in nature. Complex policy and governance arrangements have significant influence over water systems and markets, and have a lot to do with how enabling or limiting conditions are for innovation. Current leads from behind and in partnership in the policy arena, working closely with leaders across multiple levels of government to support programs and processes that can accelerate innovation, and in coordination with leading policy organizations to ensure that water is considered in economic policy as well as environmental policy conversations.

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