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  • We're Hiring

    Current is hiring a Program Builder who is a creative communicator and passionate about helping us launch and lead new initiatives. Our work is constantly evolving, and we are looking for someone who knows what it takes to bring ideas to life through program design, partnership development, and collaborative management with our community of mission-aligned practitioners. If you are a sleeves-rolled-up problem solver who relishes the challenges of working across sectors and issues, and loves to distill complex ideas into clear and inspiring calls to action, please take a closer look. This is a Chicago-based full-time position, remote-friendly through 2021. Application deadline is February 26, 2021.




    Who We Are

    Current is Chicago’s water innovation hub. Our goal is to develop water management policies and test new technologies that grow the blue economy, drive innovation, and solve pressing water challenges. Founded in Chicago in 2016, we bring together corporations, other nonprofits and governments to develop solutions that would be too risky or even impossible for any one group to undertake alone. The need for our work is greater than ever because water is no longer just an issue; it’s a crisis.

  • The Urgent Need

    People are not rallying fast enough behind new ideas and technologies that will protect our health and environment. The world’s persistent water challenges — from agriculture run-off to lead in drinking water — won’t be solved by any one government, scientist or company. Innovative approaches to water solutions are often too large or complex for one company or organization to take on alone.

    • They also almost always require collaboration.
    • That’s why we build partnerships among individuals, government, nonprofits, businesses and researchers who are willing to take rational risks to try out new solutions.

    Current monitors and evaluates new ideas and technology in water management. This equips Current to work with utilities, research institutions, businesses, and innovators to test new solutions. In this way, Current serves as a connector, a research partner, and an advocate. In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we believe that Current’s work is even more essential. We stay abreast of emerging research and technologies to help partners adapt and innovate. For utilities, this means helping ensure that safe, clean water continues to be available to residents for basic needs and public health. For industry, it means helping find ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness. For entrepreneurs, it means strengthening connections to customers. For research partners, it means helping to develop relevant virtual materials to augment online curricula, providing meaningful virtual learning opportunities for students and interns, and maintaining essential industry partnerships. For the broader public, it means developing and sharing timely and useful materials that help educate youth, teachers, and families about water in ways that support virtual learning.

    • Our Answer

      Current is more than a connector. We test new technologies and ideas. We’re an unbiased advocate for the best water solutions and policies.

      • We stay on top of the latest in water technologies, knowing the field is rapidly changing.
      • We independently assess these technologies.
      • We recommend the best solutions for others to try or for us to pilot.

      We are also are heavily invested in working to keep water in focus for our state and local policy communities and making the blue economy a pillar of our economic recovery. In Chicago and Illinois, we believe that the blue economy presents significant opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and growth, leading to a more resilient economy. There is a clear need to capitalize on our region’s potential to grow companies and jobs in a set of industries that offer the possibility of dramatically improving management and stewardship of one of our most precious natural resources.

    • Our Impact

      "The biggest value that Current brings to the table is that it’s an effective convener of stakeholders in the water space. Water is a big and complex sector from applied research to industry to municipal organizations and other non-governmental organizations. Current provides a central point at which all those stakeholders can come together."


      - Dr. Seth Darling, Director, Argonne National Laboratory

      Our Impact

      "Greeley and Hansen is the only global provider of comprehensive engineering services in the water sector headquartered in Chicago, a city known globally as a great ‘water city.’ Our mission is strongly aligned with Current’s efforts to advance innovation and research in the water industry. As a founding member of Current, Greeley and Hansen is committed to working with Current’s community of innovators, researchers, investors and end-user to accelerate the solutions our industry needs, from enhancing water treatment to creating ‘smart’ distribution and collection systems, and beyond."


      - Andy Richardson, Chairman & CEO, Greeley and Hansen

      Our Impact

      "As a 100-year old family-owned company, we at W.S. Darley see great opportunity as a member of Current to collaborate with other water sector experts, create beneficial partnerships and develop new solutions as part of our commitment to a sustainable future."


      - Paul Darley, President & CEO, W.S Darley

      Our Impact

      "(Current) invited us to present at an innovation event. Through that, we met a number of potential customers, as well as two new investors that helped us close a $2 million series seed during a pandemic... Current has been astonishing."


      - Erin Rothman, CEO & Co-Founder, StormSensor

      Our Impact

      "Current has been invaluable in enabling SigaOT to secure pilot opportunities to demonstrate our innovative cyber and operational intelligence technology in a real-world setting. The Current team was with us every step of the way, helping us navigate the entire process of working with their utility members. Together, we partnered to ensure that our technology met the operational needs of its utility members, while providing SigaOT with an unparalleled platform to showcase how our breakthrough technology generates actionable insights."


      - Amir Samoiloff, CEO, Siga-OT Solutions (Israel)

      Our Impact

      "Current is investing in a segment of Chicago’s innovation ecosystem that highlights the city’s strength as a global city for water innovation. Chicago uniquely has the right assets and partners in this space that require long-term investment and awareness."


      - Abin Kuriakose, Director, ChicagoNEXT, World Business Chicago

      Our Impact

      "I see Current’s role as helping to connect research institutions, who are developing innovative new ideas that are typically not fully demonstrated yet, with companies who are turning those concepts and technologies into real practical solutions, and then connecting the solutions with people who need them. Current’s workshop event on PFAS is a really good example."


      - Dr. Aaron Packman, Professor and Director, Northwestern Center for Water Research

      Our Impact

      "We consider our partnership with Current a strategic alliance. It has already yielded a successful installation in the Chicago River. We are very fortunate to be a member of a unique team that installed a state-of-the art, end-to-end real-time water quality monitoring platform that provides insights, detects anomalies and is designed to serve the public visiting the Chicago River."


      - Natan Zuta, CEO, IOSight

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